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Windows 10 ‘secret’ start menu

Windows 10 has a “secret” Start menu. Ok, its not really a “secret” — it’s not something you have to turn on, it’s just a little trick that makes accessing important features, such as the Command Prompt, the Control Panel and the Task Manager much easier. To access this additional menu, right-click the Windows icon/Start […]

Free Up Drive Space

To quickly free up drive space on your PC, follow these steps: Open My PC, by double clicking on the “My PC” icon (usually on your desktop) Right click on Drive C and choose properties, you should see this: 3. Select disk cleanup 4. In the next window, it will automatically select items you can […]

Windows 10 Lock Screen Image

Windows 10 login screen is the first thing you see when you turn on your PC. The image you see can be a stock image or one of your own pictures. Here is out to set the lock screen picture on your PC; Use the WinKey + I hotkey to open the Settings App Choose Personalization Choose Lock screen That […]

Adding a Printer in Windows 10

In this article, we are assuming that you have connected your printer to either the wireless network or wired network. Most new wireless printers allow you to do this on the on-screen display of the printer, but some older wireless printers require you to connect the printer directly to a computer first, configure the wireless […]

Easily set screen resolution in Windows 7

Choosing a new screen resolution used to involve locating and browsing through the Display Properties applet. Windows 7 made this far simpler, though – just right-click an empty part of the desktop, select Screen Resolution and you’ll immediately see the appropriate options.

WannaCry Ransomware – How to protect yourself

Specifically, on May 12, 2017 a new strain of the Ransom.CryptXXX (WannaCry) strain of ransomware began spreading widely impacting a large number of organizations, particularly in Europe. You should be extremely suspicious of all e-mails you receive, particularly those that ask the recipient to open attached documents or click on Web links. If you have […]