How to Factory Reset a Router

” A factory reset wipes your router’s custom settings and returns it to a like-new state. This is an important step when troubleshooting some network problems. Factory-resetting is relatively easy, but every router is a bit different. A reset isn’t the same as a reboot, which people sometimes mistakenly refer to as a “reset.” “

Wi-Fi vs. Ethernet: How Much Better Is a Wired Connection?

I frequently get asked this question. This is a great article on Wi-Fi vs. Ethernet describing exactly how we feel about it. Click on the link below.

How to Customize Windows 10’s Appearance

A great article on how to customize Windows 10 to your liking… click on the link below!

How to Optimize USB Storage for Better Performance on Windows 10

“According to Microsoft, Windows 10 no longer optimizes external storage devices for “better performance” as of the October 2018 Update. Instead, it optimizes them for “quick removal.” Here’s what that means—and how to change it if you like.

We don’t think every Windows user has to change this option. Despite how tempting “better performance” sounds, the default “quick removal” policy is fine for most people.”

Get Your Dark Mode Fix with Google Chrome Themes

Did you know?

Did you know that if you hover your mouse over the link in an e-mail; it will dhow you where the link will ‘take’ you?  If the address looks ‘strange’ (odd mix of symbol and/or letters that do not form known words) and not like the address you’d expect for the context of the e-mail; likely it is not a legitimate e-mail/link.  Beware and do NOT click the link; just delete the e-mail or forward it to your IT guys to have a look on your behalf.

How to Lock your Windows 10 PC Remotely

Android and Apple have long given people a way to track and disable your gadgets remotely. Microsoft has also joined the club by letting you track and lock your Windows PC using the “Find My Device” on Windows 10. Check out how to do this by clicking the link below.

How to Set Departure and Arrival Times in Google Maps

“Unless you work from home, Google Maps is fantastic at knowing where you need to be, and how long to get there. But you did the math on when to leave. Thankfully Google can tell you that now too.”

Windows 7 Only Has One Year of Security Patches Left

“Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 with security updates on January 14, 2020. It’s like Windows XP all over again—but much worse. Many more people are sticking with Windows 7 than stuck with XP. “

Installing Windows Store Apps to External Storage

Be sure to install all Windows 10 updates as there are great new features that get added like the ability to install Windows Store apps to external storage. For users that have a small SSD hard drive or tablets with little storage space this is a big change.

In order to make use of this go to START>SETTINGS>SYSTEM>STORAGE after having connected the storage to your PC. From there, click the drop-down menu under “New apps will save to” and select the external storage device that you want to use.

Now you can install all those apps you previously didn’t have room for. Enjoy!