Do you know how much an outage could cost your business?
Use this downtime calculator to help you measure the business impact of a potential IT disaster.

World-class Data Recovery to Protect from Loss of Business

Data loss can occur for several reasons, such as technical failure, human errors, natural calamities (fires, floods, etc.), cyberattacks, and more. Statistics reveal that almost 40% of businesses that face data loss tend to lose over 20% of their customer base. Additionally, if a data breach occurs, the business loses its customers’ trust and brand reputation.

Due to these reasons, you need to seriously contemplate utilizing our IT disaster recovery services and have peace of mind that your vital data has been backed up and can be restored within a short period of time, in case it becomes necessary to do so.

How can we help?

We offer cloud backups that offer required security and redundancy to your business and ensures that critical data is available for restoration after any major data disaster. We let you create automated backups and access multiple backup versions as required.

Our system ensures ease of operations and provides compatibility across varied platforms and mediums that businesses need and utilize. Moreover, you can decide between backing up entire systems or selecting limited backups for mission-critical files and data.

We understand that every minute is important after data loss and may cost your customers, money, and valuable business resources. As such, it is necessary to recover data as early as possible. We have a system that makes it possible to recover data within a short period of time, which earlier used to take hours or days to complete.

Features of Our IT Disaster Recovery Services

  • Excellent Compatibility: Our backup and recovery service functions perfectly with all the well-known operating systems. It is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems and also provides data protection for Linux systems.
  • Comprehensive Disk Image Backups: We offer comprehensive protection for your business with disk image backup of your entire systems, not just the folders and files present in the system.
  • Virtual Machine Backups: Virtual servers are part of the future of how businesses manage their data. Our backup service is able to perform virtual machine backups just like backups are performed for physical machines.
  • Different Restoration Options: The good thing about our backup and recovery system is that it allows you to restore your data backup to systems with dissimilar hardware. We can also perform automated data recoveries with the help of scripting and perform a server restoration on a remote basis over the web.
  • Multiple Storage Choices: We let you back up your data onto local as well as network storage devices. In addition, you can backup the data to SAN, NAS, tape libraries, and on the cloud.
  • World-class Data Protection: Apart from backing up your valuable data, we also ensure that it remains secured by offering world-class data protection. We make use of advanced features like military-grade encryption, ransomware protection, and different authentication tools to make sure data remains fully protected.
  • Useful Administrative Tools: We offer useful administrative tools and innovative reporting features so that you can easily streamline data backup as well as management efforts.

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