What would you do if your server failed right now?

Hint – you may not like the answer. It’s an answer that keeps us up at night! Despite its importance, many businesses still don’t have a solution in place for managing critical service disruptions. Without it, your business is at risk of massive losses.

According to IBM, the average infrastructure failure costs businesses $100,000 an hour! Talk about a real pull-your-hair-out nightmare. Many business owners do not understand the multitude of steps needed to get their business back up and running with outdated and data-based backup technologies.

We are frequently presented with the statement: “We’ve got backups!” and are shown a USB disk. Ok, that’s great…but what do you think the steps are to get you back up and running should God forbid a thief come in overnight and take your entire server away with him?

You’d be shocked at the number of steps needed and downtime you’d face should this happen to you. We don’t want that for you. Have you heard of image-based backups? Those combined with cloud redundancy for those images; will allow you to sleep well at night!

Info-Tech’s Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery can help you:

Eliminate costly downtime

Better data storage: keeping your data safe both on and offsite

Be back up and running within the hour

The ability to recover from a total loss quickly

Complete Business Continuity at an affordable price.



We’ll do a complete business impact analysis to understand the effect a disruption would have on your business.

Plan and Design

With our IT service management, we will work with you to design a plan that will get your business back up and running within the hour should a failure occur.

Implement and Maintain

As your technology manager, we’ll implement, test, and maintain the device to ensure that, if needed, everything is ready to go.

Do you know how much it will cost you to be down?

We have put together this handy calculator to give you an idea of precisely that.

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