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How to Make a Direct Download Link for Google Drive Files

How often do you go to open a file that was shared with you via Google Drive and it pops open a new page? I bet you’ve wished there was a direct download link for Google Drive files. You’re in luck, there is a way around it that is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Chromebook, and Android. It is quite simple to do and is found in the same area where you share a file from. The step-by-step instructions below shows you exactly how to create a direct download link for any Google Drive file that you would like to share.


Keyboard Shortcuts for Using Virtual Desktops on Windows 10

If you use virtual desktops on Windows 10, these keyboard shortcuts will give you more control and speed up your Windows experience. Just like most Windows 10 features, you can control several aspects of your virtual desktops without a mouse.

Windows Desktop Hero


How to Change the Icon of a Shortcut on Windows 10

Icons were invented as a quick way to visually identify information on a computer, but sometimes a Windows 10 shortcut icon is so generic that it doesn’t feel useful. In that case, Windows makes it easy to customize the icon. Here’s how to do it.

Windows 10 Icons


30 Essential Windows Key Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

“The Windows key made its first appearance in 1994, and it’s still an essential tool for Windows 10 power users. Here are the most important Windows key keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10 you should know about.”

Click on the link below for more information.

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