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It is unlikely a Nigerian Prince wants to give you his millions.


Info-Tech has no expertise in Corona Virus’ but we can protect your PCs and servers


Working from home is becoming more and more popular!


Paperless office? Uh huh…
Most of us are still dealing with them and how finicky they can be.


Computers seem to be slow all the time? Your business is growing? Don’t know where to start to upgrade your IT infrastructure?


with the Info-Tech team

Thank you to our valued IT services customers for 20 years of trust and continued business! Thank you to our many suppliers and great partners without which ‘some’ managed IT services would not be possible!

Dear visitor to our site; we want to become your trusted partner for all related technology in your business! With just over 1000 and counting desktops under management; we think we’re qualified for that job!

We may:

  • Install, or upgrade computer components and software;
  • Provide routine automation
  • Maintain security policies
  • Troubleshoot + train and/or supervise staff
  • Offer technical support for projects.


See what downtime could cost you.

We maintain the operating system of the servers (and sometimes the applications as well), such as mail services, web services, and much more. We are also in charge of troubleshooting any hardware, operating system or application-related problems.

We can maintain your network infrastructure, such as the routers and switches, and troubleshoot network-related problems for you.

Your network might include a variety of devices such as:

  • Computers
  • Mobile devices
  • Servers
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Bridges
  • Firewalls
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud solutions
  • Access points and more.

We provide great customer service, along with comprehensive business solutions. Our team is qualified in business technology management, experienced and professional.

Using various tools and technologies to keep up with your business’ requirements, the objective of our management system is to achieve an error-free network, run smoothly.

As IT management professionals, we ensure that the performance and security of the computers you manage meets the needs of network users, while respecting your company’s budget.

We monitor your network and protect you from any security threats. We’re among the best tech companies in Montreal.

Our turnkey managed IT services include:

  • Installing, or upgrading computer components and software;
  • Providing routine automation
  • Maintaining security policies
  • Troubleshooting + training and/or supervising staff
  • And offering technical support for projects.

We maintain the operating system of the servers (and sometimes the applications as well), such as:

  • Mail services
  • Web services, and much more.

We train solution designers whose ultimate objective is to use information technologies to solve business problems, in order to provide the best managed IT services in Montreal.

We can also maintain the daily operation of security systems, and can handle things like systems monitoring and running scheduled backups; setting up, deleting and maintaining individual user accounts; and developing organizational security procedures.

We are experts in IT network management. We’ve seen many network infrastructures with all types of problems that may occur, and we know how to fix such issues quickly, optimally, and within a realistic budget.

We are renowned among all technology companies in Montreal. You can trust us when It comes to IT computer network management. Whether you require a new network, or maintenance and IT support for your existing network, please contact us and experience the difference for yourself!

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