3 Things You Need to Maintain Productivity While Working From Home This Fall

Almost seven months into the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve mostly settled into some sort of routine – or at least, figured out what we’re supposed to be settling into. Whether or not we’re “settled”, of course, is another story. Unfortunately, the reality is that many businesses have come to the realization that having a remote workforce actually does work, and chances are many of us will be continuing to work from home for quite some time.

For parents who have been adapting to the makeshift breakfast table office these past few months, back to school might mean an emptier house – or it could mean sharing the Zoom account with the kids. If you suddenly find yourself with multiple people in your household online at the same time, you may be experiencing some technical difficulties. If you’re having trouble connecting to your office network or keep getting kicked off of Zoom, here are three things to look into.

Your Wireless Connection

Each service provider has a basic level of wireless connection that they can install in your home, but they can only give you so much bandwidth. This is typically enough if you’re checking emails, Facebook, or surfing the internet, but if you’re attempting to connect to the office VPN, stream videos, or attend Zoom meetings, you might find it lacking. Add in a child attending virtual classes at the same time, and you may find it coming to a standstill.

If this is the case, ask us about a more robust wireless connection that is not available from your service provider. You could work from the backyard, the basement – or attend a Zoom meeting from the kitchen at the same time your kids learn math from the living room.

Your Internet Speed

Although separate from wireless, internet connection and speed are also dependent on the service providers and what is available in your area. Without a high-speed internet connection, your wireless strength is meaningless; if you’ve ever had full signal bars, but not been able to connect, it’s due to your internet connection in the backend.

If you’re struggling with your internet connection strength or reliability, we can recommend a service provider in your area.

Your Computer

Of course, if you’re working with an older laptop or desktop, it may be that your machine cannot keep up even if your internet and wireless connections are very strong and reliable. If you’re not working with enough RAM, CPU, or hard drive space – just to name a few potential culprits – no amount of bandwidth will improve your working speed. It’s best to replace your computer. If that’s not possible at the moment, we can help with upgrades that will extend the life of it for you.

Things are stressful for everyone right now – and working from home, with or without children attending virtual classes, isn’t making things easier. But just because you’re working from home instead of in the office doesn’t mean you should be working with sub-par tools. If you’re struggling to get or stay connected, send us a message – we’re happy to help investigate and suggest a solution that works for you.

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