Why You Need A Proper Domain Name and Email Address

Believe it or not, we’re already into 2020! January is the time of year when business owners often implement new strategies for growth: new processes, new goals, new sales and marketing tactics. But if you’re a new business owner and are still using an @gmail.com email address to communicate with clients, then your first priority this month should be to secure a proper domain name and email address.

I see this often at networking events. I meet business owners who have a successful, growing company, and often even have websites already set-up, but when we exchange business cards, their beautifully-designed cards suddenly lose a level of professionalism when I see the email address: “companyname@gmail.com.” Unfortunately, using gmail, hotmail, or any of these free email providers sends the wrong kind of message.

Having a domain name secured and the appropriate email addresses set up for your company goes a long way to demonstrating to potential clients just how qualified you are. Whether you’ve yet to purchase a domain name, or if you have a website set-up but haven’t transitioned your email yet, we can help get you set up so you’re ready to scale in 2020.

Domain Names Are Inexpensive

The first step, if you haven’t already, is to purchase a domain name. Generally, these are relatively cheap – often around $25 / year. Your business name is the best option, but if this isn’t available we can help you find one that works. Almost all hosting packages offer free entry level email as a starter, but there’s also an option to upgrade to a fully synchronized mail server mailbox from Office365 or G-Suite.

Free Email Accounts Let You Create Multiple Aliases

Once you have a domain name and your free email set up, you can actually create addresses as you wish – usually up to 10. You can even create aliases which are additional email addresses that are sent to and from the same inbox free of charge, that do not count against your ‘real’ mailbox count. This allows you to set up a info@companyname.com, marketing@companyname.com, accounting@companyname.com, and any other addresses your business might need. These aliases will all flow into your one main inbox, so it’s easy for you to track incoming messages.

As your team grows, you can create additional email addresses (up to a certain limit) with their own inbox also free of charge. Just be conscious of the amount ‘actually’ needed; as later on if you decide to move to a fully synchronized mail server, each mailbox will cost about $7 a month.

Don’t Wait to Make The Switch

Often, entrepreneurs are hesitant to begin using a new email address for fear of confusing those contacts and clients they’ve already secured. However, we at Info-Tech Montreal can help set up email forwarding for you so you don’t miss anything sent to the old address. It’s better to make the switch early; the longer you wait, the more clients you will have to notify and the more areas (website, business cards, email signatures, online directories, etc.) you’ll have to update.

Having a proper domain name and email address that accurately represents you and your business goes a long way in helping portray your company as a qualified, professional option for your clients. We can help get you set up so you’re ready to take on 2020. Reach out to us today to get started or to answer any questions you might have.

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