It Matters Where You Get Your New Computer From

It’s probably not a surprise to you to hear that not all computers are created equal – but if you’re in the market for a new computer, did you know there’s a big difference in the quality of what you can buy at your local retail shop versus the business class computers we can supply to you?

When you work with Info-Tech, we always ensure to source high-quality, high-performance business-class computers for your office that work within your budget. Don’t let the higher upfront cost scare you; if you’re looking for a great new computer, in the long run, they carry much more bang for your buck.

“Better quality” can be vague, so we’ve broken down the differences in your run-of-the-mill retail computer (think something you can buy at your local Best Buy, for example) and business class ones.


RetailBusiness Class

Typically lower than business class.


Only slightly more expensive than retail-grade.

WarrantyCome with a basic warranty which usually lasts a year. You’re required to bring your computer into the store, and your data is at risk.Typically a 3-year Next-Business-Day warranty. Some models even include on-site repair.
FunctionalityLow functionality with basic performance levels.High functionality; best-in-class as per the chosen model and it’s desired use.
Upgrade PathDue to things like a limited ability to swap parts and minimal memory capacity, it’s usually not possible to upgrade your retail computer down the road.Can be upgraded with the addition of more disks, more memory, etc. as your needs change.
DurabilityMinimal durability. Many components, such as power connectors, are entry level, which shorten the lifespan of the computer.Robust and last for 7+ years. Some models can handle a drop with minimal to no damage.
CompatibilityBecause they are made for home use, they are outfitted with personal versions of Windows and/or Office. Typically, they cannot be integrated into a work environment with a server or Azure AD.Business Class computers come with the proper version of Windows to connect to a server in an office environment.


Generally, we never recommend customers purchase their new computers, but especially do not recommend retail products. As the chart above shows, although they generally have a cheaper upfront cost, they are also very cheap in construction, have inferior components inside, come with only basic warranties (for no extra cost) and the wrong version of Windows to work properly and effectively within your office environment.

Even if you are looking for a new computer for home use, we have better options for that, too. The business class computers come with unbeatable bang for your buck. The case for retail computers can only be made if you are accepting that they will need to be replaced in a year or two, or if your budget simply does not support a business class level machine. In those cases, we at Info-Tech would still like to assist with finding you the best model available to you.

If you’re due for a new computer or have questions about the equipment you use in your office, give us a call today at (514) 634-4636 x 101. We’re always happy to help ensure you get the best deal for your specific situation and budget.


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