Save Money and Prolong the Life of Your Computer With A New SSD

If you’re one of the many organizations whose computers can’t handle – or can just barely handle – the Windows 10 upgrade, don’t go running out to buy a new fleet of PCs just yet!

Often for less than $400, we can help you prolong the life of your existing computers by upgrading to a new SSD (solid state drive) and adding more memory. This gives you added life and puts off the need to purchase new computers for a little bit longer, saving you a lot of money in the immediate future.

What is SSD?

The SSD is all about adding speed to your computer. A Solid State Drive, or SSD, is a type of hard drive, but differs from traditional hard drives that come with your computer because it doesn’t have moving parts. The absence of moving pieces allows it to read and write data faster, meaning a better and faster user experience for you and your staff. Think of them like the memory in your digital camera or cell phone; near instant access.

When SSD’s first entered the market, they were a game changer, cutting Windows start-up time drastically. How drastically? Check out this demo to see for yourself! They were also very expensive, roughly double for half the disk space. The costs have come down substantially now though and bang for the buck, you cannot beat them.

Why more Memory?

When you add the new SSD to your computer and increase memory, you’ll feel like you’re working with a brand new PC! Increased memory allows you to do more things at once – more tabs, more programs, more apps, etc., letting you work faster and get more done.

Whether your computer can’t handle the Windows 10 upgrade, or even if it’s an older model already running Windows 10, upgrading to an SSD and increasing memory can help you get more life out of it and increase productivity today.

No need to spend thousands on new computers when an upgrade will do! Send us a message today and we can help you assess which of your company’s PCs can be saved this way. At Info-Tech, it’s important to us to help you find solutions that put your productivity and budget first.

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