How to Scan Documents to PDF with Your Android Phone’s Camera

Did you know that you can easily scan documents to PDF with your Android phone?

It has become so simple to do and has eliminated the need of a scanner. This can be done provided you have an android phone with a decent camera and Google Drive set up. With these tools you can easily create pdf documents.

Click the link below to learn the whole process in an easy-to-understand step-by-step process.

How to Get Your Instagram QR Code

As QR codes become more popular and wide spread, Instagram too has brought in the feature. The article linked below will walk you through how to access and use the QR code feature to easily share your Instagram handle. Instagram has made it easy to access your nametag (QR code) to be able to share with others and simplify the process.

Network Assessments: the State of Your Computer Systems

“Technology, right?”

The go-to line when a piece of tech or software we need to use suddenly isn’t working for us. You’ve said it, your colleagues have said it, we’ve all said it. But what if you could prevent those slip-ups? What if there was a way to ensure that your computers and the programs you rely on to run your business just – worked? And even more importantly, that your data was always secure?

(you know what’s coming next)

There is a way, of course!

Let Us Figure Out Your Network Infrastructure

With our IT support at Info-Tech Montreal, we can give you detailed network assessments .Moreover, we can answer any questions you have about the state of your company’s computer operating systems, servers, security, and more. It’s a simple process that can give us valuable insights into your network and help you to improve your network performance!

We’ll be able to see, among other things, if there are any security risks to your business, like expired user accounts from former employees, weak passwords, or passwords without an expiry date. We can set-up deadlines and minimum requirements to ensure all of your employees are working with secure password protection on their devices and software programs.

It’s not just about finding holes in security, or identifying bad practices for online and e-mail usage, though. It’s also about getting away from myths about how some of the technology works, so you can feel confident in what’s happening in the backend of your business and boost your business processes.

After the initial technology assessment is performed, we will always deliver a detailed report and will go through it with you, step by step, so you have a better understanding of the state of your I.T. infrastructure.

Performing assessments like this allow you to work with experts proactively, to catch any potential flare-ups before they erupt and cause immense amounts of stress and productivity loss for you and your team.

In fact, we recommend having a network assessment completed at least once a quarter, to ensure everything is in top shape. We understand that may not be possible for all business owners; we have an entry-level option available too. In this case, instead of running a detailed assessment on all of your computers, we will examine a handful of your top and bottom machines and create a report based on an assumption of averages.

Save yourself the panic of a reactive strategy, and schedule an assessment today using our IT services! For the month of February, these assessments are FREE for new clients! $499 value.

If you’re working on getting your business set-up for success in 2022, be sure to check out last month’s blog and review our I.T. checklist for success!

How to Restart Chrome Extensions Without Restarting Chrome

Having extensions installed on our browser is a great tool, however when they act up and don’t work properly it can quickly become frustrating, even freeze and stop. There is an easy way to restart your chrome extensions without restarting chrome. The below article will teach you to do just that, in an easy step by step method.

How to Insert a Signature into Microsoft Word

Ever wanted to add that personal touch to your Microsoft Word document? This step-by-step article will teach you how to insert your signature into Microsoft Word. By knowing how to do this, you can create more personalized and professional looking documents.

How to Fix When Wi-Fi Won’t Connect

With Wi-Fi being such an important factor of our day to day lives it can be frustrating when it will not connect as we rely on it for work, to stay connected with family & friends as well as entertainment. 

The below article will walk you through several different methods to rectify that lost Wi-Fi connection.

Stop Closing Apps on Your iPhone

Did you know that closing apps on your iPhone does more harm than good in the long run? Each time you switch from one app on your iPhone to the next that app enters an unresponsive state. When relaunching an app from the closed state it is using more of your battery life each time. Read the article linked below for other reasons why to you should stop closing apps on your iPhone.

An I.T. Checklist to Set Your Business Up for Success in 2022

Here we are again! The start of another year. Business goals have been set, major projects have been outlined, and your office is bustling with that energy everyone always brings with them after the holiday break.

But what happens if, in a couple weeks or months, a key computer crashes? Or a virus gets in and your team loses data? To prevent stress later, follow our checklist and get your business set up for success in 2022.

Check Your Computers

First and foremost, you want to make sure your computers are up to speed and won’t crash on you. How old are each of your computers? Remember that you probably didn’t purchase them all at the same time, so you might need to check individual records.

If they’re more than a few years old, they should be looked at. It may be possible to run upgrades on various components so you can get some more life out of them, but if they’re approaching the 5+ year mark, it may make more sense to replace them. We can help you assess your machines and, if needed, we can source new ones for you (with better warranty than what you would find retail!)

End-Point Protection

End-Point is the technical term for your computer, so your end-point protection is the anti-virus software you have installed that protects your data from malware. It’s crucial that every computer at your office (and the laptops that your team takes out on the road) are protected. However, not all anti-virus is the same! The best option is to set up a monitoring software that can detect malware before you notice it’s effects.

Confirm Work From Home Set-Ups

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though our current situation is going to be changing anytime soon. If you haven’t yet, or if it’s been a while since you and your employees properly set up your work-from-home stations, it’s time to give it another once-over and make sure you have the proper equipment: two monitors, a docking station, and a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Not only is the proper equipment important to being able to get work done, but ensuring your setup is ergonomically correct is important, too. Consider bringing in a professional to conduct an ergonomic assessment for your team’s work from home stations.

Check Your Data Back-Up System

When was the last time you checked your data back-up system? Like anti-virus software, not all data back-up systems are the same. At Info-Tech Montreal, we don’t just back-up your individual files. Rather, our system takes a snapshot of your entire system on a constant basis. This allows us to help you get back up and running much faster should anything happen to your server.

This is especially important for those businesses with only one computer – like REALTOR®S or sales people who spend a lot of time on the road.

Are Your Storage Solutions Right for Your Business?

Cloud Computing (or Cloud Solutions) is what happens when any data or processes required to run your business are not stored on-site at your office location, but rather are stored in “The Cloud”, or in other words, across the internet in a data center. This can include your data (files), email, website, and database servers.

Cloud solutions are becoming more and more popular, but they’re not right for every business. Ask yourself: What are your needs and priorities today, next year, in 5 years? Before choosing either On-Premises or Cloud Solutions, we strongly recommend a consultation with one of our Virtual CIOs who will likely recommend an assessment.

You can’t hit your 2022 business goals if your infrastructure isn’t set-up and working properly. If you have questions about anything above or would like guidance on ensuring your business’s I.T. needs are being met, book a consultation today.

Cheers to 2022!

How to Import Data From a PDF to Microsoft Excel

We’ve all come across a PDF and wished there was an easy way to extract the information into a different program without having to search for a PDF converter. This article will ultimately teach you how to import data from a PDF to Microsoft Excel. 

This article outlines the step by step process of how to import data from a PDF to Excel to make an easy learning experience that will save you time!

How to See What Private Info Your iPhone Apps Are Accessing

Our devices are always running and gathering information in the background. There is a way that you can see what private info your iPhone apps are accessing.

The below article will walk you through step-by-step how to obtain a privacy report and see what private info your iPhone apps are accessing. This report will show you what your apps are accessing. Be cautious as this too can be a privacy risk.

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