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How to Automatically Label and Move Emails in Gmail

You receive so many emails each day, why not optimize Gmail and have them move the emails for you by setting up labels. The article below will share step by step how to add labels to your emails in Gmail and they will automatically move to the corresponding folder. This will allow you to see them at a glance, and also in their proper folder. It will take some time to set up, however, it will prove to be worth it each day.

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How to Stop Google Chrome From Blocking Downloads

Have you noticed that Google Chrome will sometimes block your downloads? They do this to protect you against what they believe are “suspicious”  based on their parameters. This can often cause frustration as you know that it is a trusted site and it is not suspicious.

Have you wondered How to Stop Google Chrome From Blocking Downloads?

The below article is going to walk you through step by step on how you can turn off this safety feature to get your downloads without any additional hassle.  You will learn how to do this on a Chrome browser, as well as Android and Apple products.



How to Scan Documents to PDF with Your Android Phone’s Camera

Did you know that you can easily scan documents to PDF with your Android phone?

It has become so simple to do and has eliminated the need of a scanner. This can be done provided you have an android phone with a decent camera and Google Drive set up. With these tools you can easily create pdf documents.

Click the link below to learn the whole process in an easy-to-understand step-by-step process.


How to Get Your Instagram QR Code

As QR codes become more popular and wide spread, Instagram too has brought in the feature. The article linked below will walk you through how to access and use the QR code feature to easily share your Instagram handle. Instagram has made it easy to access your nametag (QR code) to be able to share with others and simplify the process.



How to Import Data From a PDF to Microsoft Excel

We’ve all come across a PDF and wished there was an easy way to extract the information into a different program without having to search for a PDF converter. This article will ultimately teach you how to import data from a PDF to Microsoft Excel. 

This article outlines the step by step process of how to import data from a PDF to Excel to make an easy learning experience that will save you time! 


10 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Browser Tabs

Using keyboard shortcuts daily can end up saving quite a bit of time and can become essential in your day to day time online. 

Shortcuts can assist you in opening a new tab, a browser incognito, switching from one tab to the next along with many other time saving, repetitive actions. For example, if you’ve ever accidentally closed a tab and wanted to reopen it, try this keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+T.

The article linked below will demonstrate how to do the above listed and other essential keyboard shortcuts for Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, and other browsers.


How to Unshare a Google Doc

It’s become so easy to share Google Docs and files with others, and it is just as easy to unshare a Google Doc.

Whether you have shared the Google Doc by sharing the link, or by adding their email to the file you can easily unshare the Google Doc — the steps are just slightly different. The article linked below will walk you through the process for each way to unshare the Google Doc depending on the method in which it was originally shared. 



How to Check Which Websites Can Access Your Location in Google Chrome

Did you know that when you allow a website access to your location they can see your location on future visits without permission?


There is a method that you can use to check which websites can access your location in Google Chrome. The below link will help you to see which websites you have given permission to see your location. From there, you can manage which sites you wish to continue to allow this access to. The below article will give you a step by step process to understand which websites can access your location in Google Chrome.


One thing to note is that method will not work for Apple products. What you can do instead is disable location sharing, which will prevent websites from seeing your exact location.


See the full article here:



How to Insert a Handwritten Signature in Google Docs

The use of Google Docs and the Google Suite, in general, have become more widespread and used amongst businesses. Within Google Docs there are several handy tips and shortcuts that one can use. 


Did you know that you can insert a handwritten signature in Google Docs? You can, and it is quite simple to do. The following link will take you to a step by step article to show you exactly how to insert a handwritten signature in Google Docs. This will become second nature soon enough, should you want to sign your Google Docs.



How to Copy and Paste Only Visible Cells in Microsoft Excel

It can be a frustrating thing when you copy and paste cells from a filtered Microsoft Excel sheet. Often when paste is clicked all the (hidden) cells reappear. One can spend too much time trying to copy and paste the visible cells in Microsoft Excel.

There is an easier way. The article linked below will take you through the step-by-step process of how to copy and paste only visible cells in Microsoft Excel. This handy tip is compatible with both Microsoft and Mac devices. Click the link below to learn how.


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